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"Your customer doesn't care how much you know until they know how much you care." ...Damon Richards

“All our previous efforts to track down my husband’s ancestors had met with failure. I heard about Ken from the Jewish Historical Society at CJC. Within a few weeks, with little more than an incomplete list of family names, cities and countries, Ken found historical records of my husband’s great grandfather, his siblings and parents! He also arranged document translations from Russian and German into English. He is a great resource and mentor. I can’t thank Ken enough.” … Carol Winston, Calgary, Alberta, CAN

“First  as a geologist and more recently as a genealogist, Ken Drabinsky has been digging for treasure for most of his life. In a flash, he dug up two long sought-after nuggets for these grateful family history sleuths. He can do the same for you!” . . .Mr. P & Ms. S, Calgary, Alberta, CAN

“Ken works to build success for each student and client in the search for family genealogy details. He brings his practical knowledge, experience and persistence to the search. Presentations and materials are highly organized and detailed with references and stories. Thanks to Ken’s workshops and personal support, I am more independent and determined to continue to organize and build a family tree. He becomes a mentor who helps build incremental skills over time. Ken instills the delight and rigour of family searches” . . . Susan Podlog, Calgary, Alberta, CAN 

“I was absolutely amazed at how quickly Ken was able to uncover information on my father’s family! I was thrilled to work with Ken and would highly recommend is professional service to anyone who is interested in researching their family roots! . . . Carol Cambridge, Phoenix, Arizona, USA 

“Ken Drabinsky is an accomplished genealogist. He’s also very helpful. I wrote to Ken after hearing his talk “Genealogy: What’s the Point” at the Jewish Historical Society of Southern Alberta. What followed was an outpouring of links, advice, photographs and solid genealogical research tips. Thanks to Ken, I got in touch with a third cousin and learned the true hometown of my great-grandmother. I never would have learned these things without him. Ken is a treasure!. . . Andy Kubrin, Calgary, Alberta, CAN 

“Ken Drabinsky proved to be an outstanding genealogy researcher; he was fast, exact and quick to share the information he found. The most important thing he said to me was, “let’s find the ones who are still alive, then search backwards”. With the data I was able to provide to him, he found a cousin I had not spoken to in many years. I was ecstatic when, as we sat in the coffee shop, we found her telephone number. As soon as I got home, I called my cousin, our reunion was wonderful and full of family information. I would highly recommend Ken, who is dedicated to getting results, passionate about his work, and great to work with.. . . Jean Morel, Calgary, Alberta, CAN 

“Ken has helped tremendously with discovering my family ancestry. I have “met” people who are my kin that I never dreamed could be part of my heritage. Ken is thorough, and very dedicated to tracking the truth. Best of all he is very enthusiastic. I always felt like discovering my family history was as important to him as it was to me. I highly recommend Ken for your genealogy research and discovering where and who you come from.. . . Sandy Blass, Vancouver, B.C. CAN