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Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Presentations are one hour. Book at 403-815-1482 or ken@kendrabinsky.com to discuss terms and options.

Talk 1: Where’s Waldo?  Where’s Waldman??

This is a light-hearted one hour presentation on a topic illustrating the wonders of doing genealogy research. Let’s face it, for some Genealogy is a passion unparalleled in modern history and for others it is a pointless waste of time. Ken presents a humourous and in-depth look at how and why genealogical research plays a significant role in the 21st Century—and a few hints how you can find Waldo (and Waldman) family members and preserve your family legacy for future generations.

Talk 2: From Geology to Genealogy—a matter of a few letters


Ken divulges an entertaining twist on his life—a child growing up in rural Saskatchewan “shtetl”, eventually utilizing his expertise in the stratigraphy of dead rocks from all corners of Western Canada, and later transferring his knowledge to researching the stratigraphy of past lives—while trying to make a living.

Talk 3: OMG-Who Am I?

Digging up the past can bring some amazing surprises—unsuspected conversions, hidden secrets, and pre-meditated lives. Ken “unearths” the truths kept under wraps and believe it…every story is unique. Ken reveals how genealogical research penetrates the dark histories of your unknown ancestral history. He will take you through some of the more unique databases on your road to new discoveries.