OPTION 2: Genealogy Research


If you only have hand-written fragments of information or multiple documents, we pull together the missing links to your family histories. Breaking through the barriers, we peel off each brick to get to your foundation. We start by discussing your knowledge in detail from pictures, personal interviews, family rumours, and known documentation and we’ll take it from there.

Ken may include the following:

  • set up your tree
  • research and obtain historical documents
  • identify and obtain BMD Vital Documents
  • manage the initial development of your tree and mentor you to manage it
  • assist in your DNA investigations and search for verification with documentation

Most walls encountered can be penetrated however due to the nature of fragmentary information we cannot guarantee it!! It takes time and perseverance. Our broad depth of research and awareness of resources available will help the documentation of family histories to enable documenting  your personal family story—sometimes we will capture some extraordinary discoveries.