OPTION 3: Build Your Family Legacy with Communications

OK…now that you have a pretty good handle on your family history and how to track the changes, have you thought about what paths you will use to connect with your family and transfer your knowledge and results for future generations?  (minimum 20 hour retainer repeated as necessary)

THE 4 PLATFORM PROJECT (4PP) includes the following elements:

If you are interested in establishing and maintaining the legacy of your family for future generations, you will need to seriously manage all the data that will be discovered and provide an enormous amount of database information to perhaps a large number of living family members.

We recommend utilizing modern software and interactive communication systems to keep everyone in touch. “4PP” is a four-pronged approach to integrating the family tree, a family website, an associated online family magazine, and a private Facebook Discussion Group Forum.  

The best part is—we are dedicated to helping you get results. Completion of this project takes time, perseverance, and dedicated teamwork. We are looking forward to working with you to get the accurate results you desire.