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OPTION 4: Family Reunions

OPTION 4: Family Reunions


Custom-designed FAMILY REUNIONS

  • You name the location and time and we will coordinate the event
  • We will get to know your family and select a team of hand-picked family members, and oversee the event
  • One day to three day events; may include guest speakers, tours, and special gatherings, family tree displays and videos, translators
  • We can work with up to 150 family attendees in ages from 0-120
  • 18 months planning lead time recommended
  • We will oversee venue management and food arrangements
  • MC’d by a professional: organized, time-conscious, entertaining, inclusive (additional cost)
  • Gratitude/thank you presentations/appropriate gifts to end the event
  • Capture the event with a unique family reunion pamphlet, custom photography, and/or video recordings 
  • Reunion cost: dependent on your budget, number of attendees, meal offerings, chosen venue. 
  • Consulting Cost  (retainer required) may include travel, accommodation and meals; financial funding may be supported by family member donations (family crowd sourcing) and attendee fees

NOTE: Genealogical research to develop and/or firm up your family tree requires additional lead time (separate fees apply)