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Mentoring Guidance: Introductory to Beginner and Intermediate Research of your family. 

(min 10 hour retainer)


Genealogy Research Consulting 

(min 10 hour retainer)

Communications – The 4 Platform Project: Family Tree, Website, Facebook Group, and Journal

(min 20 hour retainer)

Don’t wait until “ITS TOO LATE!” Our goal : Help you establish your FAMILY FOOTPRINT & assist you in developing and maintaining your FAMILY LEGACY.

We will:

  • help you to track your family history and track it effectively while being available as a resource for issues and stumbling blocks
  • provide an assessment of what data exists on your family, set you up on a family tree software program and train you on the pros and cons, track your progress and be on call for questions. We mentor you on where to begin and where to follow through
  • manage your family search

The amount of time required will depend on your specific requirements and dedication to pursuing this research.