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Menu of Services

Menu of Services


Step 1    Pick My Brain…Complimentary Interview (1/2 hour) by phone.

A few questions we will address may include:

      • where do I start?
      • do I use software; which one?
      • where do I get family documents?
      • how do make sense of all my notes and papers?
      • when can we get started?

Review the options. Let’s have a discussion and then I can draft a proposal/work order to suit your needs.

Step 2     Select Options

Mentoring Guidance: Introductory to Beginner & Intermediate Research of your family. Custom Designed


Genealogy Research Consulting  All inclusive 



Build Your Family Legacy with Communications

The 4 Platform Project: Family Tree, Website, Facebook Group, Journal  Custom Designed


Your Family Reunion: Custom design your family get together


Don’t wait until “ITS TOO LATE!” Our goal : Help you establish your FAMILY FOOTPRINT & assist you in developing and maintaining your FAMILY LEGACY and help you communicate and integrate with the rest of your family.