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Step 1    Pick My Brain…Complimentary Interview (1/2 hour) by phone.

A few questions we will address may include:

    • where do I start?
    • do I use software; which one?
    • where do I get family documents?
    • how do make sense of all my notes and papers?
  • when can we get started?

Review the options. Let’s have a discussion and then I can draft a proposal/work order to suit your needs.

Step 2     Select Options

Genealogy Research Consulting  All inclusive 




Mentoring Guidance: Introductory to Beginner & Intermediate Research of your family. Custom Designed



Build Your Family Legacy with Communications

The 4 Platform Project: Family Tree, Website, Facebook Group, Journal  Custom Designed


Your Family Reunion



Don't wait until "ITS TOO LATE!" Our goal : Help you establish your FAMILY FOOTPRINT & assist you in developing and maintaining your FAMILY LEGACY and help you communicate and integrate with the rest of your family.

The amount of time required will depend on your specific requirements and dedication to pursuing this research.