Jewish Genealogy


Specializing in researching Jewish ancestors from Belarus, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and early immigration in Saskatchewan and Southern Alberta. 

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Southern Alberta (significant rural areas with larger Jewish populations south of Red Deer)

Jewish Genealogy in Calgary is B-A-C-K. As Calgary Chair, Genealogy of the Jewish Historical Society of Southern Alberta, my goal is to re-generate interest in genealogical research for local families. It has been about 10  years since the demise of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Southern Alberta in Calgary and the short-lived journal Shorashim Roots. Renewed interest and energy is encouraging members of the local Jewish community to pursue an interest in researching their own family genealogical research. We run two-hour workshops on a monthly basis and look forward to advancing local progress in family research.


Cupar-Dysart-Lipton Agricultural Colony to 1951

Includes: (in progress)

1. List of names in the Lipton Jewish Cemetery including pictures, maps, headstones

2. List of students at Tiferes Israel School 1910 – 1945.

3. Jewish homesteads including maps 1910, 1916, 1921

4. Family migration into and out of the area – a tracking database.  

Moose Jaw – Mitchellton, Saskatchewan area to 1963

Includes: (in progress)

1. List of Jewish families and historical database information

2. List of activities and celebrations at the Moose Jaw Synagogue.

3. Detailed history of the Mitchellton “shtetl”—a typical small town Saskatchewan Jewish family story.







Tracking Western Canadian Jewish Families in California (Consultation on a case by case basis)

(Minimum 10 hour retainer required – on a custom request basis)