Ken A. Drabinsky B.Sc., Member APG

 "as the end product of an entire set of my family genetic histories, of course I am passionate about what got me here"...Ken Drabinsky    

Ken’s expertise is historical research which began in geography and then in pure earth sciences—40 years cumulative expertise mapping glacial geology and exploration geology in Western Canada and the Arctic. Since 2010, his passion is still utilizing his expertise in stratigraphy—the stratigraphy of families and the geography of family migrations—helping you to find closure about YOUR ancestral family and helping you establish linkages between the past and living family members. Ultimately, his goal is to help you define and promote your family legacy for future generations.


According to the anthropological tracings of Haplogroups and DNA testing, Ken’s ancestral families originated in Eurasia several thousand years ago, prior to settling in Chodecz & Przedecz northwest of Lodz (paternal) and in Bragin, Khoyniki, Kalinkovichy, Rechitsa in the SE corner of Belarus (maternal). Both of Ken’s grandparents arrived in North America at the beginning of the 20th century, eventually homesteading in southern Saskatchewan.


Ken is founder and principal of Ken Drabinsky Genealogy Research, Geospirit Writing Editing Websites, Geospirit Websites, and Geospirit Consulting (Geology). He is also a board director and Chair Genealogy, Jewish Historical Society  Southern Alberta 2014-2018 and member of Association of Professional Genealogists (APG). Ken is also past Coordinator of Translation, Chodecz Book of Residents for JRI-Poland. 

Ken is a busy guy and sees no future in retirement…his other activities include playing in 3, 17 piece dance bands and teaching students saxophone. Ken is married and has two children and two grandchildren.

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