"nothing comes between you


 Ken A. Drabinsky B.Sc., Member APG

 "I am passionate about what got me here because I am the  end product of an entire set of my family genetic histories"...Ken Drabinsky    

Ken relates:“While I was always somewhat interested in my family history it was until a visit by cousin genealogist Gladys Friedman Paulin several years ago, that I realized I could really get involved big time whenever I was able to find free time. Then I received all my mother’s copies of Gladys’ eight page Newsletters begun in 1991. That was it! Family genealogy requires a certain amount of mentoring which I thankfully receive from Gladys and her sister Sheila (Reback). The rest is uhhh….history! (Pun intended)

After a career in geology and exploration mapping , Ken has applied his expertise in stratigraphy to the stratigraphy of families and the geography of family migrations—helping many to find closure about their ancestral families and helping  establish linkages between living family members and their ancestral past. 

Ultimately, his goal is to help you, as a consultant &/or mentor, to define and promote your family legacy for future generations so that your great grandchildren will never lose that ancestral connection.

Ken’s ancestral families originated in Eurasia several thousand years ago, prior to settling in Izbica Kujawska, Chodecz & Przedecz northwest of Lodz (paternal) and in the Kalinkovichi-Bragin  area of the SE Belarus (maternal). Both of Ken’s grandparents arrived in North America at the beginning of the 20th century, eventually homesteading in southern Saskatchewan.


Ken is founder and principal of Ken Drabinsky Genealogy Research, Geospirit Writing Editing, Geospirit Websites, and Geospirit Consulting (Geology).

  • member, Jewish Historical Society Southern Alberta (On board of directors 2015-2018)
  • member of Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) 
  • past Coordinator of Translation, Chodecz Book of Residents for Jewish Records Indexing-Poland. 
  • on Board of Directors for Association of Descendants of Jewish Central Poland

In his spare time, Ken is a busy guy and sees no future in retirement…his other activities include playing in 3, 17 piece dance bands and zoom teaching students saxophone and piano. Ken is married, has two children and two grandchildren.

  • With Reike Nash z”l and Evelyn Frybort 2013 IAJGS Boston
  • With Gladys Friedman Paulin z”l at IAJGS Conference Boston 2014
  • Speaker, Researcher, Consultant
  • Reunion Planning for Florida 2018
  • Cupar Museum Visit 2016
  • With Erven Huber, long time resident/historian of Lipton

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“nothing comes between you and your genes!”